Lord of the Rings Chess Set

Popularity for The Lord Of The Rings has never been greater since the relatively recent adaption of the story as a massive blockbuster movie. Prior to the films release there was always a strong and loyal following of JRR Tolkiens books but since the release of the films there has been an explosion in popularity.

As with all highly popular movies the spin off merchandise has become prolific and there was little surprise to see a Lord of the Rings chess set made available. The official set is made by an English company, Studio Anne Carlton who are very well known for their high quality themed, painted chess sets. The set is produced under licence from New Line Productions.

The set is a very faithful tribute to the characters in the movie with the accuracy extending to the faces of the human like characters being faithful to the actors who played the parts in the film. Gandalf for example looks just like he does int he movie and you can see a very stong likeness in his face to Ian McKellen, the actor who played him in the films my sources.

There are other Lord of the Rings Chess Sets available alongside the SAC set. There is the two towers 3D chess set and the bronze and pewter effects sets. The sets are at various price points and there is a type available for every Lord of the Rings fans budget.

There is little doubt that these lovely chess sets will become highly collectible in years to come. For those who have the patience and discipline to keep them unwrapped and packaged in the original packaging high prices will no doubt be attached in years to come. There is no doubt that popularity for the Lord of the Rings will remain, maybe not for as long as the game of chess, but certainly for a good number of decades yet.

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