Chess Sets Shopping – Christmas 2010, Here It Comes!

Unbelievable as it seems, Christmas is almost upon us again. It’s been a fast and eventful year in the chess business and it seems the silly season of selling comes around faster and faster every year. The Christmas present market is essentially what keeps most chess retailers in business. Without this intense period of sales it would become a very hard industry to survive in.

I think Christmas 2010 will see plenty of bargains made available in the chess set market. As competition becomes fierce between rival retailers who battle it out to win over the Christmas shoppers. Just when we thought things were improving in terms of product quality, it seems the drive for cheaper than cheap sets has left certain retailers relying heavily on cheap far eastern sets of highly questionable quality.

Remember, a chess set isn’t just for Christmas! You will most certainly get what you pay for & be sure you avoid the cheap nasty sets from retailers who are obsessed with price and nothing else!

Merry Christmas!

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