About This Blog

Hello and welcome to UK Chessblogger. This site has been created to share thoughts and information on chess. I love chess and over the last few years I’ve really tried to focus on improving my game. My aim is to start playing as much as possible, to think about chess from different perspectives and to learn from as many people as possible – ultimately to improve my rankings.

On UK chessblogger you will find articles posted by a number of people, and I’d like to encourage people to contact me if you think that you can contribute to this site. Running any blog is hard work and it is only as good as the people that contribute. Compared to a lot of players I really am a novice so I would love to hear from other people and will happily posts any articles or posts related to the game.

I hope you enjoy the blog and I welcome any comments or constructive criticism on the blog and any of the posts.

UK chess blogger is hosted by lunar pages and uses the powerful wordpress system. Lunar pages made things very easy to set up with the automatic wordpress install function. All features of wordpress including the plugins are fully supported by lunar pages.