The Regency Chess Company

The Internet is awash with retailers selling chess products. Recently a new contender arrived on the scene in the form of The Regency Chess Company. Based in Bath, United Kingdom these guys are creating something of a stir among the chess retail industry.

One of the most striking things about the regency website is their amazing product photography. I am informed that they do this themselves and only photograph the exact items that they stock on the website. This means you can be sure that you will receive exactly whats in the photos when you order, not a generic product sourced from another manufacturer long after the original photo was taken.

Already they seem to be holding stock of some unique and exclusive designs of Staunton Chessmen but one of the striking things about their range is their selection of chess boards. Many of the UK based chess retailers seem to stock a fairly small range of boards whereas these guys have a vast selection that includes basic veneer boards right up to luxury solid hardwood boards.

Already some long established budget retailers have begun copying The Regency Chess Company, like all great things, imitation is inevitable. It would appear that if you want to buy the cheapest chess sets, buy from somewhere else. If you want the best, buy from Regency.

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