Buy a Chess Set For Christmas

The Christmas season is looming ever closer and it will soon be time to begin thinking about buying presents for our loved ones, and not so loved ones! For those relatives you are not too keen on we would always advise socks and pants, maybe some soaps and smellies for those with poor hygiene. But for those you are fond of there can be no better present than a fine chess set.

A luxury chess set will last longer than a lifetime, in many cases it should last multiple generations. There is also something extremely satisfying about a fine chess set. You don’t have to be a fan of chess, or even a fan of fine crafts to appreciate a lovely chess set. There is just something magical about them that is impossible to explain. A total of 32 (34 on a luxury fine set) pieces, each one carved with such loving attention that it could be sold as a fine gift on it’s own!

One mild irritation about buying a chess set is the problem of where to find one. It’s almost impossible to find a decent selection in a high street shop. Even the specialists chess shops don’t sell particularly great chess sets. Online shopping is the only answer it seems but with Christmas round the corner there will be plenty of the usual suspects piling the sets high and selling them cheap.

Plan ahead and do your research, buy from a reputable retailer who is happy for you to drive over to their premises to sample the products before you buy them. Be fussy and remember that the UK consumer laws mean that if you buy online you have the right to return it for literally any reason and for a full and complete refund. Always ask a retailer if the photos on their website are the actual photos of items from their stocks. It’s not unheard of for less reputable sellers to steal product images of high quality products and use them to sell their cheap wares. Aside from getting themselves sued in the new year it’s also bad practice on behalf of their customer service which results in disappointment when the products arrive.

So when you type buy chess sets into google this Christmas do your best to ensure you buy from the best and if you do make a mistake don’t worry about getting it returned and getting your money back. Good luck and Merry Christmas!

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