Travel and Play Chess

Playing chess is not only about fun, it can teach you a lot of practical skills that exercise the brain too. You have 16 chessmen to control and the aim is to beat the opposition and to accomplish this you need to think in advance, plan accordingly, and use your logical skills. Although some people get really involved in the chess world and enter tournaments regularly, the majority of us just like to play when we have some free time.

Chess is a game that can be played at any age and some forward thinking schools actually teach it as part of the school day simply because of its known benefits in improving thinking skills. In your area there’s likely to be a club where beginners and professionals are welcome. Chess is like riding a bicycle, once you have mastered the rules you never forget.

One of the great things about board games is that most people know how to play them and they can be carried with you and whipped out practically anywhere. At the airport when your flight is delayed, on long and boring car journeys, at home, or in a hotel foyer – with a chess board in your bag you are never alone as it provides you the opportunity to find some company and make new acquaintances and friends.

The game is so popular that there are some great travel versions, magnetic boards are ideal for playing on planes, trains, buses or in the car – relieving boredom and improving your thinking skills in one go! Many travel options also have the game of set backgammon printed on the reverse side so you get 2 for the price of 1! Backgammon involves 2 players and 15 pieces on a board of 24 spaces. The checkers are moved according to how the dice rolls and the aim of the game is that each player has to try and bring their pieces home and bear them off before his opponent, blocking and hitting the opposing checkers during the attempt. If you are keen to learn this game of both skill and luck then there are plenty of board options that are just as high in quality and carry the same standard of workmanship as chess products.

Also convenient for travelling are electronic set chess where you can play games either with another person or against the computer, playing against such an expert opponent allows you to learn from your mistakes and perfect your game. There are different levels from beginners to professional and it’s a great way to practice. The other advantage is that you can stop midway through a game and save it until later – some also give players advice on how to play and feature electronic lessons for learners so you can improve as you go along.

Hand held electronic chess sets are particularly neat as you can play practically anywhere you like, at the beach, on the bus or waiting for the washing to dry!  Its small size, games offered at beginner and intermediate levels, LCD screen, and ability to record the game, undo the move, and more, make this a popular choice with travellers.

Folding and travel chess sets made using graded hardwoods come in all sizes with some really miniature versions perfect for carrying around from place to place. Velcro and magnetic sets are another option, velcro holds the pieces to the board and magnets are located under the board to prevent pieces being knocked off so you can play anywhere.

Buy your travel set online for convenience, with free UK delivery and low prices.  Unique and contemporary designs, solid, sturdy and good value for money they are shipped in just a few days – this will be one decision you’ll never regret.

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