Regency Chess Company Review

If you browse around chess retail websites in the UK you will doubtless read plenty of customer comments and reviews. The thing is, how do you know they are genuine? In some cases retailers go to great lengths to let you know they are real while others fail to cover up the same grammatical errors and identical writing styles in the reams of so called real customer comments. There is of course no reason to make them up, unless you are doing things really badly genuine reviews will come in over the weeks and months that you sell chess sets on the internet.

Recently we have seen yet another thing The Regency Chess Company have done that none of their competitors have, well, that is until they see it, they will doubtless copy it. They have signed up to Trust Pilot, a website review company who’s system allows customers to write an unbiased review of their buying experience. What is most important about this process is that The Regency Chess Company have no control or powers to edit or approve reviews. So as long as your review relates to a real order, it’s going to get published.

You would only expect a company who has real confidence in their products and service to make such a bold move. If there are rafts of unhappy customers out there then all those opinions are going to be broadcast on the web for all to see. Thankfully for them they are scoring nearly nine out of ten on their reviews so far, in fact some of the comments are really complimentary to the company and it’s products.

The Regency Chess Company have often been seen as the posh end of the market, with prices to match. Whats interesting is the number of reviews from customers who express delight in the low prices and superb value for money. Read The Regency Chess Company reviews for yourself and see what others are saying about this great company.

The Regency Chess Company Review

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