Slumping Pound Sends Price of Chess Sets Soaring!

The global economic crisis is not exactly hot news at present. One of the biggest problems facing us in the UK is the decimation of our currency. The GB pound is not so much suffering but dead in the water at present. It seems every time Gordon Brown or one of his Socialist cronies open their mouths in public the value falls even further.

What has this got to do with chess sets you might ask? Well the Chess market in the UK relies on goods imported from other parts of the world. India, China, Poland, Italy. Irrespective of which country the sets come from the prices are going up!

It’s a tough time for chess retailers. Often accused of making huge margins by those with no business understanding. The reality at present is that margins are getting tighter, sales harder to come by and suppliers are seeking to sell their wares to other countries who’s currency is remaining strong.

Will this mean the end for some of the smaller chess retailers? or even the larger ones? Only time will tell but one thing is for certain… it doesn’t get much worse than this!

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