Chess set retailers embrace social networks as marketing tool

Social networking has been taking the web by storm over the last couple of years. Websites like facebook, twitter and bebo have become a huge part of peoples online lifestyle. Where the young generation of hip groovy teens lead the way, the grown ups are now following. One chess set retailer, the Regency Chess Company has embraced social networking and now uses it as a highly effective platform to communicate with it’s customers.

At face value the social networking sites don’t immediately jump out as being the place to go to market your online business to new clients site. Lets not forget however, that millions of people the world over are using social networking as a way to communicate, network and gain information about their interests and hobbies.

The social networking scene is not to be seen as a place for an instant quick fix in terms of advertising or promotion. Instead see it as a longer term branding exercise that will win you real support from your customers. Of course, being featured all over the webs social media networks will mean you have to work extra hard at pleasing your customers. People will be talking and twittering about you so make sure they only have the chance to say nice things about your company and your products.

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