The Regency Collection, A Very Special Selection of Chess Sets

A recent development in the world of luxury chess pieces is The Regency Collection, a range of fine luxury chess pieces that is being made available by The Regency Chess Company, England. The range contains a small selection of very luxury chessmen priced from around £200 to over £1000.  All of the sets in the collection are Staunton with some variations on the design, but not any huge departures from it.

So what makes this collection so special? The first thing is the design of the chessmen, they are by far some of the most elegant and beautiful chess pieces available on the market today. The second thing is the quality of the chessmen. We are told that they are all sourced from the worlds finest manufacturers of chess pieces, the same people responsible for the range that made House of Staunton a household name and the same people who manufacture the Jacques reproduction Staunton chessmen.

Chess sets in the collection are not made in huge quantities, all are limited editions and certified as such.  If you are looking for something really special then The Regency Collection should be your only choice.

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