Luxury chess sets

Chess blogger has been on the prowl for luxury chess sets this week and has travelled afar to look at some in the flesh. Before one begins to scratch the surface of fine chess pieces it’s hard to know just how luxury and indeed expensive a set of chessmen can be. London seemed to be the place I needed to get to if I wanted to see a decent range of expensive chess sets. The big name department stores and a couple of niche chess specialists was where I was heading. I wont go into detail about the products and stores I looked at, instead I will keep this post fairly general.

Was I impressed? Well in a word yes, and no. Although I did see a great deal of chess sets, some for hundreds, others for thousands of pounds I didn’t see anything that looked like it was of immeasurable quality. My keen eye is always trying hard to spot faults and many faults I did spot, even with one set that was the most expensive one in a very well known department store.

It seems that price can’t be your gauge to quality, while some chess sets may appear to be ‘reassuringly expensive’ it seems the reassurance of quality is not to be assumed lightly.

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